Shanghai Yiqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 8 million and currently employs 30 people. The company is mainly engaged in the sales of various electronic components, including LEACH relays in France, ETA circuit breakers in Germany, and MERZ in Germany. Switches and other products.

At present, the main business is currently concentrated in the railway and light rail industries. It is mainly engaged in the sales and promotion of various railway and rail transportation equipment accessories and electronic products. The company has a number of engineers with senior technical experience in the railway industry. Key projects and municipal projects.

Since the establishment of the company in 2009, the trend of high-speed development of the holder, after years of accumulation, the products sold by the company have been used in more than 50 domestic and foreign railway subway projects.

At present, the company‘s main customers are concentrated in the railway and subway industry, and the main customers are: CRRC Qingdao Sifang rolling stock factory, CRRC Changke Co., Ltd., Qingdao CRRC Sifang Research Institute, Beijing Hollysys, Beijing communication, Beijing investment, and other main engine supporting plants and other related customers.